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#1 blockchain casino you can trust.
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Benefits for players
Cryptocurrency deposits accepted
Fast. Anonymous. No limits. Worldwide.
Licensed games
Games from the world’s best providers. Check the percentage of withdrawals through the blockchain.
Generous bonuses and promotions
Up to 200% deposit bonuses. Reload bonuses. Free spins. VIP conditions for high rollers.
Guaranteed payouts
Check the casino balance in the blockchain at any time. Instant and unlimited withdrawals to an anonymous crypto wallet.
Privileges for everyone!
Consider the benefits that we offer to our players. A positive relationship with each client is important to us.
In development
Blockchain draws and tournaments
With the help of blockchain technology, you can ensure that the casino does not influence jackpots, lotteries or tournaments. The prize fund is guaranteed by a smart contract.
Regular online casino
  • You make a bet, which is saved on the casino server.
  • Your data is collected and stored on the casino’s servers.
  • You cannot verify the integrity of game results, since all algorithms are recorded and stored only on the casino's end.
  • To receive your winnings, you need to go through a lengthy authorization procedure.
  • The casino balance is not public, and it is impossible to verify its solvency.
Fairspin casino with built-in Honesty Control
  • You make a bet, which is recorded in the blockchain.
  • Your data gets de-identified and stored in an encrypted form.
  • You can verify the recording of each game result in the blockchain.
  • You can instantly withdraw your winnings to your crypto wallet without any commissions or additional verifications.
  • The balance of the casino is publicly displayed in the blockchain.
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Register now to get a 100% bonus on your deposit with the first licensed crypto casino to use an Honesty Control system based on blockchain technology.
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  • How do I register?
    • Select the 'Sign in with TruePlay' button in the upper right corner of the site.
    • You can play hundreds of games from leading game providers after a simple registration process.
  • How do I play for free?
    After registering, you can play any of the available games for free.
  • How do I add funds to my balance?
    Funds can be replenished immediately in one click via your TruePlay wallet, which is created automatically upon registering with the casino.
  • How do I check the integrity of the results?
    You can check the integrity of any game presented on the site using blockchain technology.
  • How do I withdraw my winnings?
    In just one click, you can instantly transfer your winnings from the casino to your TruePlay wallet after a one-time identity verification procedure.
  • Who are the game providers?
    • We work with the leading game providers to achieve the highest quality user experience. They include:
      • NetEnt
      • Microgaming
      • Spinomenal
  • What are cryptocurrencies?
    Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money based on cryptography technology, which utilizes data encryption. It doesn't have a physical appearance and exists only in electronic form. Its main features are anonymity, decentralization and security.
  • What is blockchain technology?
    Imagine a huge decentralized database of copies that are stored on hundreds of thousands of ordinary people’s computers. It's required that all 'holders' of the database agree with any changes and modify their 'copies' in order to change anything in the database. Hundreds of thousands of users around the world guarantee that the casino cannot influence the game results or payouts in any way.


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