Honesty Control

Millions of players overseeing the fairness of the game

Honesty Control Benefits

  • Consider the open payout percentage of the game in your strategy.
  • Compete in tournaments with real people, not bots.
  • Analyze the games' unfolded statistics.
  • Follow the casino's balance to confirm its solvency.
  • Check the integrity of the results in the blockchain.
  • Keep your deposit and withdrawal data completely anonymous.

    How does it work?

  • FairPlay games have a unique smart contract that cannot be altered.
  • All bets, winnings, and losses are published in the blockchain in a de-identified form.
  • The payout percentage is calculated and the game ratings are formed based on the statistics of each game.
  • The ratio of wins and losses can be verified at any time.
Regular online casino
  • You make a bet, which is saved on the casino server.
  • Your data is collected and stored on the casino’s servers.
  • # You cannot verify the integrity of game results, since all algorithms are recorded and stored only on the casino's end.
  • To receive your winnings, you need to go through a lengthy authorization procedure.
  • The casino balance is not public, and it is impossible to verify its solvency.
FairPlay casino with built-in Honesty Control
  • You make a bet, which is recorded in the blockchain.
  • Your data gets de-identified and stored in an encrypted form.
  • You can verify the recording of each game result in the blockchain.
  • You can instantly withdraw your winnings to your crypto wallet without any commissions or additional verifications.
  • The balance of the casino is publicly displayed in the blockchain.


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